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Answer To Client Request: Find Out The Latest IT Trends & Challenges In The Healthcare Business

Trends & Challenges in the Healthcare Business with Big Data

Investment in digital and mobile health and in related technologies is robust and growing. The strongest growth has occurred among direct-to-consumer technologies that require little or no involvement by physicians (for example, wearable fitness trackers and scheduling applications) and among intermediated technologies (more complex ones, such as remote diagnostic equipment, that require a doctor’s prescription). Read more here –> McKinsey Health Article Nov 2016

Health systems in developed countries face a twofold challenge: ensuring financial sustainability and improving quality. Digitization can help health systems achieve both these objectives and unlock substantial value through lower spending and superior healthcare delivery.

Healthcare is claiming an ever-increasing share of national wealth. In recent years, healthcare expenditure in Organization for European Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries has been rising at a rate one to two percentage points faster than GDP. If this trend were to continue, healthcare would represent more than 25 percent of France’s GDP—and more than 35 percent of the US’s—by 2050. Clearly, action is needed to bring costs under control. Read more here –> McKinsey: Health Systems Through Digital Transformation

Growth opportunities in the health care industry by Frost & Sullivan

A short summary by Antonios Papadimitriou, with information received from the report Growth Opportunities For Healthcare Big Data – An Analysis of Global Case Studies


  • Consumers create health data
  • Consumers demand ownership, management and self action on health data
  • Providers demand transparency
  • Providers consume data to improve clinical decision making
  • Governments depend on data to improve quality and efficiency of healthcare systems at a national level
  • Need for improving operational efficiency requires critical business analysis
  • Increasing consumer interest in prevention and wellness driving the volume of proactively generated consumer data


  • Inability to productively share health information across devices. Organisations, health systems, and industry stakeholders limits the power of Big Data Analytics
  • Clinicians continue to worry about how data will be owned, stored, and exchanged, even though vendors provide industry compliant solutions
  • A future big data problem could be regulatory requirements that would force getting individual consent for every new use of personal health data. Every person would have to sign off every secondary use of theirs personal health data in order to protect individual privacy and data ownership.
  • Lack of IT skills among end users
  • Data security and privacy issues limit information sharing from consumers

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Construction company Arrowl opts for IBM Maas360. Read about the benefits.

New Zealand construction company, Arrow International, has deployed IBM’s MaaS360 cloud-based enterprise mobility management and security system for its fleet of more than 500 mobile phones and tablets used by staff operating from ten offices around the country.

Before implementing Maas360 the IT team had no visibility over whether someone had jail-broken their phone, or if the device had a virus, exposing Arrow’s intellectual property to the risk of theft or loss.

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Mega Data Breach Exposes 412 Million AdultFriendFinder Accounts

A data breach targeting dating and erotic media site Friend Finder Network has exposed the personal details of more than 412 million accounts, including more than 15 million that users had asked to be deleted.


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IBM Named Leader By IDC: Check These 9 Must Have IT Security Links With Free PDF

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New EU Data Directives GDPR Push Enterprises To Change Their Operations

You may be fined with up to 20 Mn USD if not complying with the new EU directives.

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is the most sweeping and strict data privacy regulation ever.

Even though the GDPR is of EU origin, it applies to any business or organization offering services or goods to any EU resident

The GDPR defined personal data to include names, email addresses, photos, social media postings, IP addresses, bank and credit card information and medical information. Read more below.

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