8 Reasons For Taking A Free Consultation By IBM About Your Mobile Strategy

  • Work from anywhere anytime

  • Increase in productivity

  • Increase in ROI

  • Cost savings with assets use to boost shareholder value

  • Clients get your tailored support & advice whenever needed

  • Be in control of your company data access and network access and minimise the risk of data breaches which could exceed USD 20M

  • People expect flexibility in their work space (to work in the car, home, on the bus). Employees more productive = companies more productive –> companies become more competitive

  • Integrate all your deices, Android, iOS, Tablets, Laptops, Ipads, PCs and integrate new devices and applications security and quickly

The Reasons Of Why You Should Talk To IBM About Your Mobile Strategy

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Total Economic Impact of IBM Managed Mobility: A Study in PDF

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The “Upwardly Mobile” Enterprise

Developing A Mobile Strategy

There are clear reasons why companies should be focusing on the development of a mobile strategy. As we saw in the early days of the Internet and e-commerce, many companies start by undertaking lots of individual, often disconnected initiatives, resulting in numerous fragmented and uncoordinated efforts. This lack of integration with existing processes and infrastructure often causes confusion and poor utilization of limited resources. Limited mobile technology skills and resources remain scattered across the enterprise, making it difficult to tackle key initiatives and deliver tangible results to the business. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to integrate mobile efforts into a cohesive, enterprise-wide strategy. For mobility to be successful, it will require close partnerships among multiple stakeholders, all owning a valued stake in this rapidly evolving space.


Putting Mobile First

Best Practices Of Mobile Technology Leaders

What benefits are Mobile Technology Leaders realizing? Today, nearly a third of Mobile Technology Leaders’ employees conduct at least part of their work by accessing enterprise applications and data via mobile devices and almost half will be doing so significantly more than other groups over the next six months. As early adopters of mobile as a strategic initiative, Mobile Technology Leaders report much higher performance than their peers in key areas of service delivery, efficiency and overall business performance.

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Mobile Case Studies


IBM Mobile Managed Services: Productivity Increase With USD 68Mn & 5.5M USD Reduction in Costs

Mobility In The Insurance Business By IBM: Claim Handling Is Made Faster Than Ever Before

Mobile Retail By IBM: Real Time Access To Client Data; Clients Get What They Want Whenever  They Need It

Banking Executive Ensures Secure & Real Time Banking Mobility With Access To The Right Tools & Data By The Right People, Thx to IBM Including Maas360

How Do You Become A Mobile Enterprise ?

Understand the ROI Of Your Mobile Strategy

IBM Mobile Technology – A Personal Journey


How IBM MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services Supports Your Infrastructure

Mobile Technology Leaders Best Practices – Winning the Mobile Race: IBM Mobile Multimedia Series

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